Enjoying Couscous in Bethesda

Couscous with carrots, green beans, and zucchini.

I adore couscous, yet I am a complete amateur when it comes to it’s preparation. Oh, my couscous tastes good, and it even looks kind of pretty. In fact, for the unknowing eye, it might look pretty well done. But let me tell you, I have eaten the real thing, and compared to a truly authentic couscous mine is simply the newcomer on the block.untitled-design-10

Below is couscous made by the hands of a Moroccan woman who has been preparing this dish for her family for well over 30 years. Um Mohammed works in a tiny little kitchen in her apartment in Berrechid using the most traditional of ingredients and utensils, and everything she makes is utterly delicious.


Um Mohammed is a generous hostess. She makes sure that her guests have more than enough to eat, insisting that more is eaten even when seams are bursting … and then she brings out tea and dessert and begins again! She is truly inspirational.

I have to admit that I really like my kitchen conveniences. I like plenty of counter space, and I don’t cope well without a dishwasher. That being said, and despite our different styles, I too enjoy cooking for people who enjoy good food. I like to see people dig in with gusto, and am most happy when they go back for seconds and even thirds. The best payback is seeing smiles around the table. I suppose that is a common thread that binds all cooks together.



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