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Ahhh,  Ladurée  in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It is as close to Paris as I can get without buying a plane ticket.

Have you ever seen a more beautiful sight? Flaky layers of pastry filled with cream and gorgeous ripe raspberries, not overly sweetened and terribly indulgent. Coffee tastes so much better when poured from a silver carafe, don’t you think?

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It is admittedly a treat when I get to visit Ladurée, and never fails to bring sunshine to the greyest of days. I get happy just looking at their beautiful array of pastries. Each one is as delicious as it looks. And the trademark pastel color scheme brings a sense of whimsy to the atmosphere.

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I am literally spoiled for choice by the vast array sweet creations, but millefeuille au framboise always wins me over. I simply can’t resist those luscious raspberries in their layers of cream. It is a good thing for me that Ladurée is only an occasional treat!


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